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Techium LTD specializes in promoting game development studios through comprehensive marketing packages. We use our connections to pitch your game to journalists and influencers, ensuring effective coverage.

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Strategy& Consulting

Our team offers a range of services, from market research and PR plans to deep-dive diagnostics. We work with you to refine your marketing strategy and coordinate all your PR activities to perfection. With several former gaming journalists on our team, we have an extensive network of contacts across the gaming media space. We pitch your game and liaise with the press to build your coverage opportunities.

Press Relations

If you're gearing up to announce your game, we craft highly targeted campaigns to get your game announcement covered by the press. We work with you to refine your trailers, screenshots, and elevator pitch, then take it to the journalists who can help.

Influencer Marketing

Our expertise in influencer marketing allows us to find and secure opportunities to get your game in the hands of content creators worldwide. From YouTube to Twitch to TikTok and beyond, we work on both paid and earned campaigns.

Game Announcements

We understand that the day-to-day of keeping up with PR responsibilities can be fiddly. That's why we offer a key distribution service, handling both outbound distribution and inbound key requests. We filter out the scammers and ensure the most important media get an info about your game.

Key Distribution

Our services don't stop there. We create promotional campaigns, offer business solutions, and provide social networking support for clients. We help with brandbook creation, SEO, SMM, website development, redesign, contextual advertising, banner and media advertising campaigns. At every step of the way, we evaluate the effectiveness of your advertising campaign and adjust our strategies accordingly.

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